Linkey is run by co-founders (and siblings): Josh Adley & Natasha Langleben

In December 2017 Josh and his wife Rebecca were approached by a man in Barnet, North London, who was looking for a nearby homeless shelter. After sitting and chatting with him for some time, making a referral for him on the Streetlink app and buying him dinner, Josh couldn’t find a nearby shelter that was open until the following day. Josh and Rebecca returned home, filled their car with warm clothing and other useful supplies and drove around for two hours that evening to try and find the man to deliver him the items. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful. 

This one meeting along with other interactions with homeless people struck a chord with Josh. He rallied round friends and family to gather essential items that could be dropped off to shelters and rough sleepers on the streets of London, to make their days and nights that little bit more comfortable.

On 28th December 2017, Josh and Rebecca along with an army of friends and family loaded up their cars and visited homeless shelters and the streets of central London to deliver the essential items.

Seeing how many people this simple act of kindness fired up, Josh teamed up with his sister Natasha to turn this one-off idea into a sustainable social enterprise.

The pair setup an Amazon Wish List (which then became an online shop) of all the essential items that shelters and rough sleepers were desperately in need of, and used social media and word of mouth to encourage people to make a purchase. 

The Linkey shop provided a completely transparent way for people to buy an item for someone homeless knowing that every penny they spent would go where it was needed. 'You buy, we deliver'.

What followed was beyond Josh and Natasha's imagination - an incredible amount of purchases, press and donations from people all over the country (and world) who wanted to help.

In its first 18 months Linkey went on to raise over £100,000 worth of items for the homeless, created various campaigns to raise awareness and funds and were regularly featured in major news, radio and TV outlets.

Linkey has joined forces with multiple charities, shelters, organisations and community groups all over the UK and continues to do so.

Over the years Linkey has been supported by the huge help and hard work of numerous volunteers. At one time there were 10 people working evenings and weekends alongside full-time jobs in different capacities, from PR and social media to logistics, finance and partnerships. 

Special thanks goes to core members of the team: Rebecca Adley, Andrew Charles, Adam Russell, Laura Kaplan, Gemma Kaplan, Katie Lassman, Jonathan Abrahams, Anastasia Kyriacou and Ricky Kon who have dedicated countless hours to the cause over the years.